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I’m Moneaque COx

Obedience will propel you and disobedience will delay you

You Are Worth The Wait


We all have a purpose are you walking in your purpose. Do you know what you are called to do?


 Do you know who and whose you are? Knowing who you are can help you avoid  counterfeit, settling for the next best thing, and future heartache.

Embracing your singleness

Are you living with someone that is not your spouse, do you playing games, and what are you doing

Preparing for Marriage

Preparing for your spouse means that you are putting youself out their to be found. Your future king or queen will not find you if you are lock up in the house.

Questions You may have.

1. Where will we meet?

We will eet online and the moment you signup you will have access to the course.

2. Can I get my money back?

No we do not offer refund.

3. Is this for everyone?

While this course is catered to anyone however it is not for everyone. It is for you if you are single, do not know who you are, married to someone that is not a believer, and/or going through a divorce.

You Are Worth The Wait online program 

4 week course

During the 4 week online course we will focus on identity, purpose, what to do during your single season, and preparing for marriage


4 Week Coaching Payment plan

The payment plan is in three installments. Each payment will be taken out of your account the day that you sign up. Payments are nonrefundable


1 on 1 coaching Package

After you have gone through the online course this will be available for access once the program is over. You will have 1 hour of my time to ask questions that you may not already have ask during our online course.


About Me

I am Moneaque Cox a mom, author, and consultant. After years of working on myself and my marriage I realize because I did not know who I was and being disobedience I am reaping what I have sown into. Many of you sown into used vehicle rather than saving up and wait to purchase a new vehicle. In your season of “I cannot afford” a new vihcle rather than taking the bus for a while instead you went out on a limp and buy something that look good but have many damages that you did not notice. Instead of enjoying the new vehicle you focus is now towards fixing and making sure that the counterfeit that you bought is functioning the way it supposed to.

Many of our relationship are like the things we purchase. Rather than asking questions, learning about the purpose of the vehicle (because it simply does more than drive), and doing some background research on the owner/manufacturer instead we rush and become impatient. The truth is both vehicle looks good in this case the counterfeit and the real thing looks the same but we will never know which one us which because never take the time to study the purpose of that thing and knowing who created them both. 

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