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Moneaque Cox

You are Worth The Wait

Hi, I’m Moneaque! Your obedience will propel you and your disobedience will delay you

My Story

Growing up marriage was not talked about evertyhign was focus on relationship, sex, but not the understading of true purpose driven relationship. I had to learn the hard way about relatiosnhip, and research to get a better understading of what relatiosnhp really mean.

From finding love in all the right places but with the wrong people and being married to someone that have a differenet belief than  I have I learn to fight for both of our dalvation in prayer and during fasting. It was a battle i knew I could not deal with on my own. I need to be able to love him as Chrsit love me and forgive him and myself because it is necessary.

It does not benefit anyone if i kept the ager, hatred, frustration, bitterness, and unforgiveness inside of me so i needed to heal and move on. This was not easy but it was necessary.

My Values & Beliefs

The Word of God

The Bible is my direction

My family

I am value  my relationship with my family because they are my first ministery.

My Time

We all have 24 hours in a day every minute is valuable. I do not want to spend any time on things that are not important 

My Life

We only have one life to live and every breath that I take it is a reminder that I have work to do.

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