Bow tie cake

After a few failed attempt at making a decorative, mouth dropping, and start a convo cake lol I’ve finally made the perfect cake for the most amazing person in my life.

Yep. I’ve made a father day cake. Fathers are sometimes looked at not doing enough in their kids lives (which is true for some) and/or don’t go as far as a mom which is also true. That isn’t always the truth especially for dads that are a single parent and/or probably staying at home full time. With that being said this is to celebrate all the Fathers who are doing what a Fathers supposed to do.

Fathers, we need you to take the lead as you should single mom you are NOT a man fathers day isn’t to celebrate you. We understand you have been there since day one however without a man you wouldn’t be able to have a child.

Alright let’s get to the cake

The cake is Nutella chocolate cake with a Nutella frosting and vanilla cake.

This cake is delicious, moist, and tasty!!! Yes, this is Nutella forward cake. If you don’t like Nutella don’t worry peanut butter goes well with this cake.

Until next time. Beloved be-loved

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