Life updates

In all honesty I’ve been exhausted I’ve tried my best to take some rest as much as possible but the more I do that it seems as if the more my life gets busier.

I’ve push myself more than ever this year my goals meter reach the max. I wanted 2018 to be that year of change: change in my eating habits, less social media, more activities with my family, staying in shape, and offcourse building a brand.


Even though it is worth it. It is NOT easy. I’ve slept more now than in my teens; yes things have change and life isn’t the same anymore it is a disservice to actually compare two differently life period to each other. I used to be able to multitask now I am “multi-somewhat-tasking”

I know it will get easy but when? Who knows when things will be easy. No one. I have such peace about the way things are so I began to embrace the messy, lack of working out, or even having to get off of social media for bit. WHY NOT? What is there to lose?.

Life is too short. Tomorrow is not promise. I’m enjoying today. Putting in the wotk, reaching your goals, and doing what God call you to do is my aim right not.

If you see less post don’t worry I’m still here. I’m working on some new recipes and a couple new projects that I’m going to share with you all soon.

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Until next time Be-loved beloved

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