Birthday cake

It has been a sick week for my family mostly me and the kids so I haven’t been posting anything. However; i have a cake for you that i decorate and design with no help.

I present to you the birthday leaning cake.

Made a funfetti cake for my daughter 2nd birthday. She is growing so fast šŸ˜© I know she cannot stay small forever We all have to grow up at some point right!!

I baked the night before and decorate it the next day. This cake is leaning to the side because i didn’t used any support in the middle for the cake and the room temperature in my house was warm. Or maybe it was the stand either way it was leaning.

It was fun celebrating my daughters birthday and baking such an amazing cake. I know it is professionally done but I am starting from somewhere because the next cake is going to blow your mind. Lol.

I enjoy every moment of creating this cake. In the middle of the cake is sprinkles and vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. The frosting is from the store because time was of the essence.

Until next time. Beloved be-loved

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