Cheesy kale stuff mushroom

Mushroom used to scare me growing up I seen it on the floor and step on it because of how it looks. That one was not edible. I would never even order it or try it until one day a friend ordered pizza with mushroom and I enjoyed it. I was skeptical at first and then after a bite, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Cheesy kale stuff mushroom with tons of flavor. I loved coconut so almost all of my food has some sort of coconut flavor.

Don’t let because of the way something looks that you never give it a try. If you are allergic to certain food groups consult your doctor and don’t eat it. I’m all in for trying a new food if it puts your life in danger DON’T EAT IT. Use wisdom. Everyday.

Yes, this was good not because I made it (well slightly because I made it) lol. Certain seafood I will not try because of the way it looks IF IT NOT COOK I won’t be eating it. I had to put that out there.

Food for the stomach. Food is life.

Until next time beloved Be-loved.

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