Cake design

Lately, I’ve been trying some decorating. In 2016 I got into baking intensely nothing really fancy just cake to enjoy with my family. This year I start to really get focus on making my cake look somewhat presentable (NOT Perfect).

Birthday cake

A few weeks ago I’ve baked my own birthday cake and decorate it. It is not perfect but it tastes really good.

Butterfinger crumb cake

The name is exactly what this cake was really like when I was trying to frost it. It was crummy yet tasty. I didn’t add a ton of frosting but it was good. My family enjoyed it they wanted more butter finger flavor. When I make this cake again I will add a lot more Butterfinger.


Ice cream sandwich cake

This cake is Nutella chocolate cake. The ice is melting in between but it was yummy to me I didn’t mind the melting. Everything came together. I created a frosting to go perfectly with the cake but my butter was too soft so instead, I got runny frosting. I pure some of it over the cake on the right.

I share these cakes because life gets like that we have somewhat a perfect day, a good day, and a day where we just want to give up. Whatever your day may look like it is not the end of the world. Know that all things are working together for your good according to God.

Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

It will get rough just like my cake that didn’t want to accept the frosting and it will seem flat just like my frosting that didn’t work out as planned but it will get better. Enjoy the bumps and the imperfect moments.

Stay focus. Be strong. And enjoy life as if it is your last.

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