Birthday celebration

Today was an amazing day to celebrate 27 years of life. Having a me time was needed (at least for a few hours). Self care is important even if you are single, a parent, a business owner etc. It is important to really take a few hours or a day for yourself and rest.

I find the time to REST even with my kids because if I dont take care of myself I won’t be able to take care of them fully. With that being said I’ve made a vanilla coconut cake with sprinkles in one batch of the cake.

I’ve baked and decorate my own cake. I was able to do it yesterday so that I can relax and spend time with family. This cake is tasty and it didn’t take more than 4 hours for the entire process.

There is frosting in every section of the cake which is important. I was happy to see the end result of this cake.

I enjoy this wonderful day being able to reflect on life, rest, and enjoy time with family. I’m very grateful for what God has been doing and have already done.

I’m excited for Him to blow my mind!!!

Until next time. Beloved be-loved

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