Perfect cake with a flat frosting

In preparation for my guest I was looking forward to making the best layered cake covered in frosting and it became flat. Have you ever have your day planned out and your perfect plan just got snatched by life. That day happens to me and I’ve learned a valuable lesson.

This simple vanilla cake was amazing but the frosting that you see on top is flat. Complete failure but I had fun. Below is my hope and desire getting slapped in my face with a flat frosting lol

Here’s what I’ve learned? Life happens in this case NEVER leave your butter out for too long at room temperature. It will not have the perfect whipped that you need for the frosting. Baking is taking risk you just never know what could go wrong even if you pay close attention to the details like happens.

Sometimes our multitasking can be a nightmare rather than something good. Stay focus on the task at hand and everything will begin to fall into place. Frost your cake perfectly and enjoy it with pistachio cream on top (whatever ice cream you like) and have a laugh after you get mad.

Maybe watch movie while eating that delicious slice of cake either way don’t let failures keeps you from getting back up. That’s life. Keep moving forward NEVER give up.

Until next Be-loved Beloved

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