Pan seared scallops with mushroom risotto

I’ve been on the hunt trying to find scallops. Few years ago when I worked at The Westin hotel as a banquet server we have to serve the guest the hardouever which means we get to have samples. It was bacon wrap scallops at the time and ever since I tasted it I’ve been on the hunt for it.

This may not be wrapped in bacon but it is scallops and it is yummy. Yes this may be a boy pricey but I get to enjoy a fancy meal without breaking my budget. Why not spend $10 extra to create something fancy at home instead of paying someone else for a nights meal.

Either way this meal is worth it. Pan seared scallops. Mushroom risotto in Thai peanut sauce. This is a special occasion meal, a meal that you can have three or more times in a month ( if you want scallops during that time.)

Also check out some of the pampered chef products and when you spend $75 or more you will received a free item

Until next time be loved Be-loved

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PS: when you make a purchase of $75 or more via the link above I will send you a personal gift.

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