Creamy mushroom chicken

Eating healthy is always is one of my goal. My family decided to stop eating chicken for a while now and that change help us to save some coins. While out and about we bought rotisserie chicken which was $5 for an whole chicken. You can’t beat that price. So I used the chicken to create another recipe.

We pay the same about for chicken breast that last us for about three days so why NOT make multiple meals out of it. This is a great way to save money and you can create multiple recipes out of this already made chicken. So far I made three chicken sandwich for lunch, creamy mushroom chicken, and I am going to make one more meal.

We don’t eat out very often unless it is necessary and when we do it is within our budget $10 or less depending on where we are and how long we haven’t eaten. And we have to feed our toddler who doesn’t eat meat!!!

What are some ways you try to live a frugal lifestyle? Is it not spending a ton on clothes, eating out less, or meal prep. Whatever it may be stay focus and don’t give in to your urges.

If you don’t eat meat this recipe is amazing without the chicken.

Until next time be loved Be-loved

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