Sweet and sour tofu 

This year I challenge myself to cook new food; food that I wouldn’t cook on a daily basis. I’ve made tofu before but I want to elevate the dish by using ingredients that you wouldn’t expect. I AM NOT FOR everyone. 

Sweet and sour tofu over white rice (I used firm tofu)

I was a vegetarian for almost a year but I quit. I enjoy being a vegetarian but I enjoy eating meat. Being that I am self taught homecook I enjoy testing and trying different recipes and ingredients to know what works and what doesn’t work. 
I watch foodnetwrok a lot and it pushes me to cook outside of my comfort zone. I don’t steal people recipes (I will give other credit for their hard work) and I enjoy the challenge that cooking brings. Whatever it is in life that you are trying to achieve you have to be authentic. NOT LIKE ANYONE ELSE. DONT BE A COPYCAT

Enjoy your journey in this life!! Until next time be loved  Be-loved. Like. Share. Follow. 

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