Cheesecake from scratch 

Who doesn’t like cheesecake? If you dont well You are missing out. 😉😊

If you live in NYC or ever visit  you have to get you a slice of cheesecake. People talk about New York cheesecake like it’s the news, IT IS GOOD. You will become an addict to cheesecake, you might have to leave NY 😂😂

You might as well open up a bank account for cheese cake because they have a variety. I simply made a regular cheesecake. Nothing fancy NO STRAWBERRY OR ANYTHING

I reward my husband with a cheesecake well sharing is caring and he love cheesecake so why NOT. Why not give the gift of cheese cake😊😊.

The crust is store bought and you can make your own.  The ingredients that you will need is cream cheese, egg, vanilla extract, and (sour cream and a tiny bit of lemon zest). The sour cream and lemon zest are optional…

Until next time be love be-loved.

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