I may not have a new years resolution (I NEVER DO) but I told my husband that I will not bake anything for a while. I’m in the mode of constant researching trying to find recipes where I don’t have to used the oven for BAKING… 

I found this recipe on YouTube I’m not sure what I was looking for but I ended up watching YouTube videos about food. Then I became hungry lol 

THIS IS NOT MY RECIPE (honesty and integrity is important) I will create my own recipe and share with you all the results click the link below for the full recipe

I was able to create this few hours before dinner time so that we can have it after we eat. Yep we have some for of dessert almost every night. If I don’t bake we ended up having milk and Oreos instead which my family loved.. 

IF I POST ANYTHING ON HERE THATS NOT MINE I WILL GIVE CREDIT TO THE INDIVIDUALS!!! Everything that I have post thus far is mine ok. 

Try this recipe let me know how it turns out. 

Be love Be-loved until next time stay warm if it’s cold where you are and if it’s hot enjoy the weather and stay hydrated ❤❤

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