Chicken foot ❤❤❤


I am 100% Jamaican as in I was born in Jamaica NOT JAMAICA QUEENS NEW YORK..  You can say the food is completely different and weird compare to American food. Chicken foot, cow foot, stew chicken, curry chicken and/or jerk chicken are some of the food I grew up eating.

Everything is grown right in our backyard and we know exactly what we are eating. Sometimes we would kill birds and eat it as kids because it’s fun to do and make lunch…  I haven’t eaten frog, ants,  or rabbit so dont worry.. if you have I’m glad you did… lol Maybe one day I’ll try it or maybe NOT. 😉😉

This is what I enjoy eating…

I’ll share some curry chicken another time…

FYI: WE KILL THE CHICKEN, GOAT, AND PIG OUR SELF.. YES I am being serious… it was fun..

Love. Be-loved. Beloved.

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