Healing from Cesarean 

Any surgery done to the body need to be measure carefully this is not one size fits all kind of thing. Having a cesarean done is a major surgery and your doctor will talk to you before the process begins to let you know what to expect. The incision is made through the abdominal wall to deliver a baby quickly and safely. 

I’ve gone through both vaginal and cesarean delivery they are different especially the healing process. Always start small and ask your doctor for advice. Do not think that you are above or below your doctor ASK QUESTIONS especially if you don’t understand. 

Tips to help you in this process: 

1. Getting Rest

If you are like me who is always on the go and ensuring that everyone is taking care of, this can be difficult to do. Your baby might be demanding attention but you need to heal in order to take care of your kids, family, and yourself. Expect to stay in the hospital 3-5days after delivery to ensure that the incision isnt infected. Take time to rest let your spouse, friends, or other family members help you. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP!!! 

2. Take good care of your body 

There’s nothing like indulging in a box of chocolate, a can of soda, fried chicken, or Lays chips this is all yummy (what junk isn’t yummy, give me a box of donut lol) but you need to eat something healthy. Ask your doctor when it is ok to go back to work, exercise, and drive. Listen to your doctor even if you don’t like his advice simply challenge but listen to him and to your body. Avoid strenuous exercise but go for small walk with your baby ( if the weather permits) the movement will help with constipation and prevent blood clot. If you are feeling emotional talk to someone. 

3. Medication 

If you are breastfeeding ask your doctor what is alright to take. I don’t like taking pills but I was in some much discomfort from the cesarean that I have to take pain medication. I was able to stop once the pain level was below 4 and I didn’t feel as though I want to take my stomach out. Lol. When you sneeze or urinate you feel it more so try to squeeze your abdomen in a bit to ease some of the pain. 

4. Good nutrition

It is ok not to have a healthy eating habits from the start but your child depends on you for healthy nutrition because you are still your child source. Whatever you eat affects your child. I have indulge in not so “healthy food” I enjoy my ice cream, chocolate, and chips once in a while but I have used self control I have given myself the ok. I TREAT MYSELF VERY WELL… Don’t get mad if you fell off the healthy wagon enjoy a bit of chocolate or whatever you like to eat. 

5. Enjoy your parenting journey SELF CARE IS IMPORTANT 

This is an exciting and rewarding moment don’t beat yourself up if you mess up. I’m stressing this part ASK FOR HELP!! Take care of yourself if a car isn’t functioning correctly it won’t be able to do what it is supposed to do. Take care of yourself: after you’ve been heal and/or able to drive go to the mall or to a coffee shop enjoy yourself. You can check on the kids or you don’t have to but give yourself a break. DON’T LEAVE YOUR KIDS BY THEMSELF I’M NOT SAYING THAT let your husband, friend, or family member watch the kids while you take a shower, go on a coffee break, or go to the mall BY YOURSELF. This is where you get your mind right and your sanity YOU ARE NOT JUST A PARENT OR A WIDE you are also somebody… Happy parenting Love and be-loved BELOVED

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