Ice cream pie 

I was planning to post this first before my Dijon mustard chicken dinner but I’m going to share anyways because this is dessert!!! Who doesn’t love a nice scoop of ice cream, with caramel sauce on top, coconut flakes, and almonds!! Stop drooling lol 

That leads us to this recipe that I got from the Pioneer Woman cookbook. Yep I sure did and I loved it!!! It was so goooooooddddd!!! 

Since this chi love ice cream, coconut, almond, almost anything sweet. This came out perfect. I didn’t used the ingredients in her recipe because I didn’t have it so I make lemonades out of lemons. I used what I have!!! The pie was for a cheesecake recipe but I decided to used it for this instead!! ❤❤❤ 

Be loved Be-loved this was yummy and I enjoyed it after dinner with my Dijon mustard chicken over coconut rice and beans!!! If you are lactose you can get lactose ice cream or if you allergic to milk or anything in this recipe you can always used an alternative… Let me know in the comments if you would make this recipe?

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