Meet and Greet with author Ree Drummond Part 2

In my previous post I simply talked about how fun it was to The Pioneer Woman herself (praise break) lol. It was an amazing time and an experience that I will never forget. Why is there second part to this? if you read my last post I promise that I was going to share some valuable information when traveling with kids to these form of event. I am going to break it down into three categories what to pack, what to expect, and things that I have learned from this event. Here is a quick photo of me and The Pioneer Woman and my daughter right on my hip; just in case you didn’t read my last post this will paint a picture (wink,wink).

Yep that’s us!!!


  1. What to pack?

I have three kids and they are all under the age of 19 months, yep me and my husband did not waste any time on the baby department lol. I have twin boys that were two months old at the time and an 18 month old toddler girl. Before I leave my house I make it my business to feed, change, and make sure that everyone is smelling good and well; comfortable. The boys are breastfeed and are supplement with formula I always have a bottle in my bag and my daughter simply drink pediasure. Always have extra clothes in your bag for you and your kids, blanket, snacks for you and your kids, diapers/ wipes, water, hand sanitizer,  a charger just in case you need to charge your phone, and a friend.

2. What to expect?

I did not expect to wait three hours only to get a book sign or even buy a book, meet The Pioneer Woman (I have watched her on food network), and some amazing individuals while waiting in line.  For some it is like meeting Janet Jackson, Beyonce,  Kim Walker Smith, and/or Chris Tomlin or whoever you listen to for me it is food someone that is a chef more like Bobby Flay, Alex Guarnaschelli, or Gordon Ramsey, you get the picture. I actually like some gospel rap music as well (Lecrae, Tedashii, KB, NF, Mali music and others) I jam to these. The point is expect people to get there early right around lunch time. Which leads me step 3 what I learned.


3. What I have learned

What I have learned is to always be one hour early to these kinds of event so that you and your kids can get home in time for dinner. Always have an extra bottle for feeding so that you don’t have to be like me who holds her kid in her hand while standing to ensure that you move when the line move. I was so happy that there two older ladies there who was very helpful that pushes my stroller and watch the twins when my daughter constantly runs off to play with other kids that are older than her.

Always packed extra clothes in your bag because your toddler doesn’t always keeps the milk in the bottle sometimes it ended up on her clothes instead. Kids will get hungry and tired after playing for so long what do I do? I have a app on my phone call kids mode my daughter love to play the game on it and it is also a great learning tool that have videos, instruments that she can tap on (it makes the sound of the instrument), and fruit book that helps her to learn about her fruits. This was extremely helpful especially after hours of running around this helps her to relax a bit. I always have some snacks in my bag this time I only have rice and beans in one of my daughters bowl it was good to eat because I packed it right before I leave the house and it was warm.

Always have water, clothes, diaper, and snacks in your bag and one in the car just in case you plan to go to these events or just for any emergency. For my dads this applies to you as well EXCEPT BREASTFEEDING If you go to these events whether you have children or not be prepared.

Needless to say, this was a great event and you never know who you will meet. The wonderful ladies that helping me sine the beginning gave me the money for the book she understands from one mother to another that sometimes it is better to invest in your kids (buying diapers, food, and not to mention taking care of myself). if I would have showed up a lot earlier I wouldn’t have gotten this amazing cookbook but I would have gotten a picture… I got both and I am excited to try the recipes and share with you all what that I like. Until next time be love, BE-LOVED.

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