The last dish for thanksgiving leftovers 

This dish might not be a surprise to you but I’ve used the rest of the mac and cheese as a bun for my mac and cheese burger!!! Whhhhaaaattt!!!! 👏👏 I’m serious this is easy to make and you already have the recipe in your refrigerator. 

Because I am from the island of Jamaica I have to add some form of caribbean food with this dish. I add fried plantains (NOT BANANA) there is a difference; ok. 😉 In the middle I simply add ground beef and shredded cheese I didn’t formed the beef into actual burger I just leave it as it is. I’m top I MADE a garlic and butter sauce with some of the meat in it and then add it on top… easy peasy!!! 

I know Christmas is almost here and New years I can’t believe the year is almost over!!! If you don’t celebrate Christmas,in the mood for celebration, or around this time of year it brings back memories good or bad; whatever it may be just count your blessings ever if the simple things and know that you are not alone. Enjoy the holidays drink tons of eggnog, eat tons of cookies, and if you don’t like either one or the other enjoy a milkshake or a cup of coffee… 

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