Meet and Greet with author Ree Drummond 

On Thursday November 30, 2017 the last day in the month I went to a book signing to meet the one and only Ree Drummond The Pioneer Woman. For the first time I have stand in line for 3hours to meet with an amazing author. I have watch her on food network; actually i just love watching almost anything that have to do with food… you can say I am addicted. Lol 

 Yep that’s me standing right next to The Pioneer Woman and my daughter in my hand. Yes she is a lot taller than me and she is so calm and have such joy about her. This was fun and meeting her is like a dream come through.. 😊 

Have you ever been around someone and they give you a negative cubes or you can feel their pain or whatever that they are going through well with her it was joy I’m not sure if it’s because she was signing so many books for over 3 hours or simply that God’s peace surpasses all understanding; she was full of it. She have so much joy and No this is not a sponsor post or anything. 

We all have flaws but some of us have peace and joy in those situation (this is not what I was planning to write about) and for some of us we just let it all out whether  to a friend, God, or try to handle things on our own either way we all have issues some of us handle it better than others. 

I just want to come on here and share quickly about how this was an amazing event and I will talk more about what I have learned and how you can prepare yourself for these kind of event especially when you have little ones with you. Be love Be-loved ❤❤

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