What to do with thanksgiving leftovers?

If you read my post about thanksgiving I didn’t really cook I actually baked a cake. It was a pineapple coconut spice cake and it was really good. Let’s me be real here; if my food doesn’t taste good I will not lie to you and if it needs improvement I will make some adjustment. Sometimes people say something taste good just to make the other person feel good well don’t LIE be honest. 

Anyways (the rant is over) let’s talk about leftovers.  what can I make with leftover mac and cheese? 🤔🤔 What about mac and cheese balls? NO!!! How about mac and cheese omelet? YES.. Since the only food that I ended cooking for thanksgiving was mac and cheese because we went to our friends house with an empty stomach ready to devour some turkey, ham, mac and cheese, pumpkin pie, cranberry, and a few other items that people eat on thanksgiving. 

I MADE MAC AND CHEESE OMELET!!! It sounds crazy right 😀😀 Its actually true. It’s quick and takes about 5 mins and all the ingredients are already in your fridge.. All you need is the leftover mac and cheese (about a handful), shredded cheese of your liking, two eggs, salt/pepper (season to taste), butter (you can use olive oil or cooking oil), and we cannot forget the utensils A FRYING PAN OR A SKILLET and you know the rest. 


Break the mac and cheese up into pieces which separates the cheese and pasta. Add to a bowl crack your eggs into the bowl and beat with a fork. You want to incorporate everything into the bowl. You can add more cheese if you like. Make sure your pot is heated on low medium heat you don’t want it to burn. Add your butter to the pan once it’s melted pour the beaten egg with pasta into the frying pan. fry on each side for about 1-2 minutes when done add a little bit of pasta and shredded cheese. 

Finish item should look something like this!!! Yum😁😁

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