Craft Fair tips 

Today was my ver6 first day being a vendor at a craft fair. I was so excited for this day to come, I have everything ready ahead of time and I even have my day planned of what it’s was going to look like: I was going to sell all my items, I am not going to be late, and I was going to find a great spot. 

My hope got crushed in a second when I realize it starts at 9am and not 9:30am and I should have gotten up at 7:30am when my husband wakes me up. 😣😣😣😔😔😢😢. You know what life happens I learn 

Here’s what being a vendor at a craft fair taught me?

1. Be on time.

It is important to be on time it doesn’t matter where you are going. I’ve learned that (not sure if this is a saying) you should always be the first one there and the last one to leave this may apply to someone that works a 9-5 actually it applies to everything and everyone. I missed the spot that I wanted to set up my products at, so I ended up getting a spot that makes me feel like the scapegoat or the blacksheep lol. 

2. Be happy for other vendors.

I was extremely frustrated after watchinng everyone for about 3 hours get a sale and all people do is just look at my item and play with my daughter… I begin to become happy for whatever sales they made because we are all there for the same reason and people like their products a lot better than mine. 

3. Have fun 

After repenting and asking God for a blessing because I was frustrated as well as jealous that my neighbor is selling their items I was able to have fun. If I would have continue to be a “haters I wouldn’t be happy or enjoy my day at the craft fair. 

4. Smile and have small talk 

I was able to speak to people who just simply browse at my table about their personal life and have a laugh. This one lady came to my table she shows off her daughter who is away in Texas. She also talks about her divorce and her job as a teacher (how she is don’t make enough money to love in Calorado). 

5. Have multiple gender related item 

It really hit me so hard that I need to have more items for males. This little boy came to my table with his grandmother looking for glove 😤😤 I was mad because I was working on items for the guys and I lose a sale. 

Craft fair are fun you get to learn new things like what works and what doesn’t work but mostly importantly where your heart is. HAVE FUN WHEREVER YOU ARE BECAUSE WHATEVER YOU DO as a believer in Jesus Christ you are a light. Darkness cannot comprehend light so I had to repent and let my light shine. 

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