How do we manage with three kids?

One of the biggest questions that we were asked before we have our set of twins was how are we going to manage? What and how is our life going to look like? Can we do this? I never have an answer but I believe that we will make it work. I try to look at things from a positive perspective. The reality set in when the twins came home we were extremely rusty but we work with their schedule add ours with theirs including our toddler and go with the flow. Thankful for friends and family who took some time out of their schedule to help us.

How I manage is with a tall glass of hot tea/cereal, with a hint of sleep, a drop of time management, loads of praying and fasting, a ton of worship music, as well as a pinch of asking for help that’s how I manage. Some days are smoother than others but we manage very well thus far. Β And because”I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength to do it” and I am more than a conqueror I’m able to have a smooth day and my mind isn’ t crowded with the mess. This doesn’t mean I don’t need help it simply means that the more I seek God on what is going on the load gets lighter and it is something I don’t have to carry.

God has given us a tremendous amount of grace to take care of three kids that are under the age of 18 months. Every day is a good day because they’re growing and we are learning new things and omitting the things that don’t work for us. We get tons of advice we don’t reject any we use what helps. There are working parents who have more kids than us and holding things down πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ even though every household is different as well as the parents.

HERE’S A TAKE AWAY: know what works for you, DON’T BE AFRAID TO LET SOMEONE HELP or ASK FOR HELP EVEN IF YOU DON’T THINK YOU NEED IT. Manage your time wisely you only have 24 hours in a day if you are not a morning person (like myself) will go to bed early. I prepare everything when everyone is asleep including our toddler that is the time I cook dinner, knit, or crochet as well as pray, study the Word, or fast for a few hours. I don’t have a scheduled time to pray because things are constantly changing so I do it in the shower when I am making their bottles, knitting/crochet, cleaning my house, or even taking out the trash. Whatever works for you make it work.

If you are single and planning to get married or have kids in the future help a sister or brother out 😁😁 find someone to help in the area that you desire. Get some advice from married couples or even babysit for a few hours while they go on a date night. When I was single this is what I used to do and I enjoy it. It wasn’t a burden have fun…


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