Birth story TWIN BOYS

On Sunday, September 3 early in the morning around 3 am I went to the restroom and realized I was spotting. I was sleepy so I thought my was playing tricks on me due to the bathroom light, you know when you get that glare in your eyes from the light; so I went back to sleep not really focusing on it then I went back to the bathroom twice after that. It is normal for a pregnant woman to go to the bathroom multiple times at night but it was unusual to go back to back within a three hour period.

I got dressed for the church told my husband what was going on, you can drop a pin on the floor and hear that’ how quiet our house was, we sat down to have a big fat breakfast and prepared yourself for the life-changing experience again.

32 weeks 5 days Sunday, September 3, 2017, that’s when everything changes. Our bags were already packed including our daughters. Within an hour of being at the hospital my water broke. The nurse gave me some steroids shot to help strengthen the twins, I was placed on IF, and I was transported to another hospital that specialized in twins.

It was a steady day I was at 4cm for almost a day and a half. We thought they would be born on labor day but Baby A decides he wants to stretch the process out. Baby B was breach even though he was constantly moving he ended up the breach. I got an epidural because the pain was very very painful and I wanted to sleep as well as being that Baby B is breach I am prepared for an emergency cesarean.

32 weeks 6days labor day 4cm didn’t want to come. For an entire night I was 4cm there weren’t any changes until the next day 33 weeks it was like every hour or so I went up a cm. At 1:08 pm Baby A was born on September 5 it takes about 2-3 pushes and he was out Baby B left leg wasn’t down even though the doctor tried his best to pull him out he wouldn’t budge so an emergency cesarean was needed.

Both boys came out healthy and strong at 3Ibs they didn’ have any breathing problems or any other issue. Because I was prepared beforehand about what could happen I was able to not put myself and my son at risk for an infection or death the epidural was needed. Before I was pushed into the delivery room the nurse did an ultrasound, the babies were on monitors for their heartbeat, I wasn’t allowed to eat anything, and I was on some other things that help with ensuring that all of us are getting the things that we needed.

Everyone birth story is different whether you are pregnant with one, two, or even three the goal is to always be prepared. I wanted to do a natural birth and a vaginal delivery for both babies but I have to make an adjustment and do what is best even if that means getting an epidural. The goal is to deliver our babies and be able to hold them in our arms when done.

IT WAS THE LONGEST BIRTH EVER and yes I was looking forward to five more weeks but things happen and preparation is key. You have to be prepared… The picture above I took when I was 32 weeks 3days pregnant didn’t expect that day to be my final visit.


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