Pregnant with twins (high-risk) pros and cons

Being pregnant the second time around things have change from morning sickness to groan pain completely different and fun at the same time.

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and here are the pros and cons of carrying twins or the difference you may have with one child and then to two…. don’t worry there is sunshine even when it rains.


1. Peace, joy, and the fun that get when feeling your babies move and hearing their heartbeat.

2. Glow: some expecting mom are glowing and I am one of them.

3. You tend to be a priority when it comes to getting a seat or when you go out to eat they tend to ensure that you are serve.

4. The joy of going shopping for two kids

5. You get to learn alot about your body, have fun with the twins, and creating their nursery.

6. The twins are having so much fun and I am as well. I am completely getting big each week.


1. Let’s be honest here you do not get anysleep and when you do it is like you are on the edge of your bed.Β 

2. What glow are you talking about, can’t you see how dark my skin gets and the bumps that randomly pop up on my chest.

3. There are more appointments because that I am high-risk I have to go see a specialist (that is fun).

4. It cost more money buying items for twins so getting financially prepares isn’t a bad idea as well as reusing items that you or someone else have and makes it look brand-new especially clothing you want to make sure that they are wash.

5. Your body goes through some groan pain and stretching in areas that makes you want to scream so badly. And being that I go walking and do some light workout doesn’t make things any easier.

6. You blowing up like a swordfish well more like a whale is completely ridiculous. As I watch my stomach grows bigger and bigger I hope that I don’t start to wabble πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

7. You have a lot of gas bubbles… these gas bubbles feels like contractions and it’s normal.

The pros and cons are completely amazing because no matter how you look at it espexially at the cons we are completely bless to have two more babies to our family of three. The cons are part of this journey (motherhood) and even though some things seemed hard yet there is so much joy. I am completely enjoying carrying the twins, exercising lightly, going to the doctors visit to know that they are growing like they should, I get to hear their heartbeat and watch my daughter smile and say, “baby” as she see them on the screen. They joy that my husband have on his face when he found out that we are having twins and when he felt them move. In life you cannot expect the victory to come if you haven’t been through any storm or vice versa. On that note take good care of yourself, enjoy your pregnancy, plan ahead, shop around, create a baby registry, and enjoy as many time as possible with your husband before the twins get home…. I am having fun even though I had to go to the emergency room the second time around because I had some really bad gas pain to the point where I couldn’t walk but to be safe I want to make sure.

Even if something may not be serious to you in that moment give your midwife a call or go to labor and delivery so that they can check it out. Everything is alright and even though I knew what it was i had to make sure. The first to the emergency room was when we officially found out that we were expecting. I was feeling dizzy as if i was about to faint I told my husband I need to go to the doctor. Before I went in I took three pregnancy test and they all came back negative.

WE ARE EXCITED!!! some days I am tired because I tend to stay up late or sometimes I can’t sleep… this is a fun journey so far and I am loving it EXCEPT FOR THE GAS BUBBLES AND GROAN PAIN I am thankful that morning sickness is completely gone!!!! Happy pregnancy and even if you are not pregnant in the natural but God wants to birth something out of each and everyone of us… be bless

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