The weirdest and funniest things that happen to expecting moms (its not actually funny)

The things that women goes through varies from different mother to be. I’m going to talk about a few things that no one really talks about when you are expecting or sometimes read about when you are expecting.

1. Sneeze-peeing the name saids enough have you have ever been in public and you just happen to sneeze but you also pee a little. It is disgusting but it happens, you can’t prevent that from happening you just have to make that you have wipes, extra panty liner, or something to clean yourself off so that you don’t walk around with pee.

2. Throwing up and peeing on yourself. During the first trimester woman goes through morning where they either crave everything and as a result bringing it back up or everything becomes disgusting to them. Every pregnanvybos different for some woman they may not be able to stomach certain food during the entire first trimester (try to eat something like a smoothie or vegetables but consult your doctor on what can be done).

3. Certain things you just don’t remember. It is like your brain decided that today I’m not going to remember holidays, kids birthday, or simply an appointment whatever it may be sometimes you forget. Don’t worry it is not memory you are just consume with all the changes that your body is going through and other things that sometimes you simply forget.

4. You cannot sleep, one of the things that I’ve notice when I was pregnant with my daughter and now is that I was always up until late hours of the night because I just cannot sleep. That is ok and you may not go through those changes but you might clean your entire house even if it doesn’t need cleaning. Whatever you do always do it with caution. It is like you are in the honeymoon stage in the second trimester and the third trimester is a reality check or that’s where you take it all home lol. ๐Ÿ˜

5. Sweating and hot flashes (no you’re not over 40 but it feels like it). Whether you are in the summer enjoying a nice cool air conditioner or in the winter enjoying a nice hot cocoa your hot flashes and sweaty body parts are so random that it doesn’t care about what weather you are in. You never thought you’ll be sweating in certain places don’t worry it is normal.

Simply things to continue even id you are experiencing morning sickness or any changes during the 9 months of pregnancy.

A. ย Continue to drink plenty of water throughout your pregnancy and exercise (talk to your doctor about different kinds of exercise suitable for you) however walking is great way to burn some calories and it will not bring any harm to you or your baby. Just go for a walk it is considered to be a form of exercise, let off some steam.

B. Enjo your pregnancy. If you are working from home or outside of your home enjoy your pregnancy take plenty of photos, go to the spa, give yourself some allowance or something, and spend plenty of time with friends and family. Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. Take a deep breath and plan accordingly.

C. If you have older who understand explain tonthem that they’re going to have a new baby sister or brother find a time that is right to tell them even if they don’t understand. If you don’t have any kids find time to tell the good news to family member.

Enjoy your pregnancy and even if you are not pregnant as yet enjoy every pieces of life…๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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