Out with the old & In with the new

2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here” Some of us can probably sing this scripture backwards and it’s ok if you can, as for some it is just another scripture that we simply used without any application.

Before I found out the sex of the babies I did a cleanup of all our daughter’s clothed that cannot fit anymore. I place them in a box neatly folded and tucked away in her closet. After we found out the sex of the babies I took the box out trying to figure out what I’m I supposed to do. At some I said to myself, “I’m going to wait until the next appointment to make sure that the sex of the babies are 100%” Deception!!! I am only deceiving myself if I thought anything would change, yes doctor’s makes mistake but God Jehovah Yahweh doesn’t..

The church that I attend are doing a clothing drive so I decided why not donate some of her clothes but I am still stuck with a good amount… Sometimes we hold on to things that will not being us any closer to Christ and He is telling us to let go. He gave us a way of escape and in this case my way of escape is giving it all to the church… I didn’t want to because I was still focus on the expectations that the doctors are going to tell me I am having a girl and a boy instead of two boys yes I am excited… Rather than embracing the new season I am holding on to false hope/expectation. When we are so used to doing things the same way in the past, same worship at church, same encounters with God, the same way of praying, or ministering the gospel we are missing out on the new level, growth, and deliverance that God is trying to take us through.

We cannot expect the new fruit to be fresh when we added it to the old fruits… As I sat there feeling a bit unusual for thinking this way I began to repent, give thanks, and rejoice for the revelation and honesty & love from my Father. Sometimes we get caught up, blame ourself (we probably should),and we miss a teachable moment. Romans 8:1 “There’s no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus, who walked not after the flesh but after the spirit.”

This happens: last year I packed some stuff away to be sent off to a friend of mine and I ask someone to mail the package off for me that didn’t happen so I am left with the same package almost one year later trying to figure out what to do with it. Yes I should have done it myself but because I had to relocate very fast I completely didn’t have the time to sent it. How is this relevant? Instead of taking the time and deal with the things in our life instead we package it to make it fit in to someone else lifestyle and asking someone else to fix that old thing for us rather than going to the Word of God and letting Him fix and mend that heart of ours.  We accept the same people into lives who isn’t adding anything to it, we continue to do the same worship, or we continue to pray the same prayer that we have prayed last year expecting it to so the same thing. God does not change but He wants to take us to a level where we can hear his voice and deliver us from the things in our lives that we have place in a box and ready to ship expecting someone to do the job for us rather than us taking the time in dealing with the root cause of the problem.

I get it why didn’t I just throw out the box of baby clothes or ship the package myself? The truth is I wasn’t ready to let it go even though it was sealed up and protected I wasn’t ready to grow or move on because change isn’t comfortable. Fear tells us don’t do it because you are losing out that is a lie from the pit of Hell and a mind that is not of Christ….God does not want us to stay the same He wants us to grow in Him. As I began to strip that old stuff away I realize the weight of those things aren’t there anymore. I realize that my Father Jesus Christ loves me, He cares for me, and wants the best for me so I have to be willing to let go off of what I am used to and step into a place of discomfort, growth, fresh fruit, freedom, and hope.

This may not be your example (the old clothes) but we all have something that we hold onto and God is telling us to let go off of but we chose not to because of fear I am hear to tell you it is going to be alright if God said so then it is so. Go into His Word and ministering His Word back to Him go seek Him because when you do you will find Him. That load you carry isn’t for you to carry give it to Jesus it may not be easy but Freedom isn’t cheap…. be bless..

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