Joy comes after the pain

After watching my sister gives birth to my nephew w years ago I was excited to see her discomfort and joy in the process. For the first time I can say that she probably have some fear but I was more scared than she was and she probably couldn’t even tell. I have seen the process of what giving birth looks like.

As I stay up all night waiting for my nephew who is like a son to me to coms into this world I was excited to see what the process was like and if people were actually right. Yes childbirth is no joke but that is fear talking God didn’t give us the Spirit of Fear and yes the Bible prepared us for childbirth (we will have pain in childbirth).

Yes you will have pain because in life you have to go through something to come out at the end to know what you is. After watching my sister being budget side encouraging her and telling her that she can do this even on that moment of pain after hearing her son cry she shed a tear. The joy that she was feeling and the smell of her newborn baby blocked out all that pain that she was probably going through.

Was I ready? I wasn’t sure but when the time comes I know I will because this experience helps me to know what the process of childbirth looks and yes each pregnancy is different. A year later I was pregnant. The Holy Spirit told me that I was pregnant and I my period is always consistent so we knew it was time to go to the doctor. I ask a lot of questions did my research and I kept on praying. About a month before my due the cord was wrapped around my daughter’s neck. I went through NST (non stress test) where the nurse that us specialize in that area monitor the progress of your baby. After going through that I watch other moms whose situation was probably worse than mine going through this with some sort of ease (some were very uncomfortable). It gives me strenght yo know that at any time we can go into labor. I also ask for prayers from others because ain’t nothing like you praying for yourself but it gives you strenght when others pray for you.

Here I was at labor and delivery turning myself in as if I stole something (they look at me as if I was crazy). I was .1cm dilated that means baby ain’t coming anytime soon. The doctor that was taking care of me keep suggesting that I do all kinds of things in order for the baby to arrive (my response to him was the baby will come when the baby need to and is ready). That Thursday night I had a lot of peace and the doctor give up because he realize that I wasn’t going to change my response. One of the things that learn is to stand firm in knowing that my daughter is going to come into this world and she will be ok. There is no need to be rush especially when I am not even progressing in labor.

Yes I stand firm in what I believe is right for me and my child at the time. The doctor was probably right and he was doing his job but I never want to do anything that I don’t feel comfortable with and/Or that might cause more harm to my body than anything else.

On this day I have birth to a healthy baby with Gods strenght and grace also watching my sister gave me birth give me the extra push that I need. Needless to say with advice about praying, journaling, and singing songs in this process from Mrs Esther encourages me. Sometimes our plan work and during labor it works out perfect. I have the best Β nurse and doctor anyone could ever ask for they were cheerleader. They literally were cheering for me and watching me they couldn’t believe how much peace I have even in the pain that I couldn’t really feel because of the epidural πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. God answer all of my prayers and He gave me a gift that brings so much joy and peace to my life. Yes I have late nights where I don’t sleep, constant feeding, and diaper changing that is all apart of the process of being a mom. ❀❀❀

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