Planning for your child/ren birthday party while being on a budget

As a newbie to parenting I made a vow to myself that I will not spend any unnecessary money on my daughters first birthday because she will not remember any of it. The truth I kept my vow. My daughter birthday is approaching and we are far away from family members which some what good because we do not have to spend any money on things that is not necessary or our family members have to spend money on flight, hotel, or rental car just for a first birthday… I would told them to give me the money instead but they are not that crazy!!!!

Anyways this is going to be a quick, stragith to the point, and ways you can save on having a birthday party for you kids. Below is a “to do and not to do list” of things that helps us in preparing for our daughters first birthday party.

  1. Go over your budget: Yes I said it, double to check to ensure that you are not spending money that need to towards any of your monthly payment. Before May started I went ahead and check to make sure that we put aside money for things that we might need for the party; like plastic cups, plastic utensils, napkins, goodie bags for kids, etc.
  2. Shop Around: one of the things that helps us to figure out what is reasonable for us and will not go over our $50 budget that we have set aside for our daughter birthday party. I went on google to see which stores is having a sale and I would compare prices. With the $50 we were able to purchase table cloth, party hats, candy, goodie bags, toys, napkins, candle, and about two to three items that isn’t coming to mind at this moment. We got all these items from party city.
  3. Do your grocery shopping at the same time: Yes I said it, why not? if you are buying items for a party get items within your budget that you would like and your guest will like so if your guest does not eat all the food you can eat the food yourself and you can save any extra item leftover. Because we buy groceries at a certain time of the month we were able to go grocery shopping around the time of our daughter birthday party so it helps us in a lot of ways. Always have a budget and stick to it and if you go  over your budget you know next time the difference. Our goal is to always stay below budget and we do most of the time. if you don’t it is alright just don’t go buy any Starbucks for a day or two lol.
  4. What about the cake? Cake, you cannot have a birthday party without cake. Because I bake I do not have to pay anyone to prepare a birthday cake for my daughter. If you do not know how to bake from scratch you can get the cake mix and follow the instructions. If you do not bake at all ask someone (family member, friend, or a neighbor) who knows how to so that they can bake a cake or cupcake for your child/ren party. You might have to supply ingredients or buy a few items so that they do not spend their money on items for the cake.
  5. Be Smart. One of the things that you do not want to do is to GO BROKE while ensuring that everyone is having a blast while you are still paying off credit bills because you want to spend tons of money on looking great for someone else rather than on your kid. Don’t get me wrong you can make everything looks great but do it within your money limits.
  6. Location. Wherever you decide on having your child/ren birthday party is important; if you are having it at a restaurant you might have to reserve a certain area, pay a fee, or even pay for food if you are not doing a potlock or making your own. And if you are having in your home make sure that there is enough space for people to sit, kids to play, or somewhere that is convenient for your guest. We are having our daughter birthday party in our home because we do not have a lot of people coming (especially family members) and we are close to a play area where the kids and can go play, and a back yard for some fresh air or barbecuing.
  7. Comfort/Clean. When you invite people to your home for whatever reason you want to ensure that your guest feels at home and your home is clean. Yes it is your home and you shouldn’t care what anyone have to say but if you do not want anyone to criticize your home ensure that it is clean, you have a bathroom for your guest, have an area where the kids can get their diaper change, spray your home, sweep and mop before having anyone over, have hand towels, hand soap, and so on these are things that you should already have (I hope) but if you don’t just replenish the items you do not have.
  8. Be simple and have fun. The best way to go is to be simple and enjoy this time with your child/ren. The most important person at this moment is your kid (and your guest because you have to keep them entertain) who have no idea what is going on so make memories and take plenty of pictures.

There are many other things but I want to just put a lot of emphasis on ‘STAYING ON BUDGET” we sometimes spend money on things that we probably don’t need at the time but because you want to have an extravaganza you forget that you need this money for something else. NOT EVERYONE HAVE A DEBT TO PAY OFF SO THIS MIGHT NOT BE YOU. But if you are a parent or you pay any other bills the extra money can be used for something else. I am excited to enjoy this day with a few friends and I know that my daughter will have a lot of fun with the kids even though they are bigger than her.



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