Freedom from people

Growing up we were told to respect our elders and/or do what they ask us. Sometimes I question myself what if they’re telling us to do something that is wrong should we obey them and if we don’t what would happen? The truth I do not know. Being a slave and in bondage to people is a stronghold that really needs to be broken. You become an orphan when your identity has become consume by someone else personality and ideas. That is not the will of God He did not called us to be slave to people but to be a servant which is different. A slave is someone that is a puppet and being control by someone while a servant who give his/her time (effort) to serve someone else besides themselves. This is a topic that need to talk about at another time.

There was a time in my life where I would be afraid to be the person that God calls me to be. I would say yes to alot of things not because it was force but it is who I am. I will go the extra mile not because of bribe or anything except fear of saying NO and people pleasing. If I didn’t do this or that then I won’t feel accepted by that person. In other words I have to prove myself to you vase on what I can do for you when we shouldn’t have to in order to please people.

I was a puppet being control by someone else, being dictated on what to do in my life so I put things on hold because it wasn’t good enough for someone else or this person has to be happy in reality they don’t even care. I said yes to someone else decision and ideas rather than saying I’ll think about it or no which ok to say especially when whatever I was doing wasn’t bringing glory to God or anyone any freedom.

I’ve learned that not everyone is for me and God never called me to be slave to people He called me and want to be free. He wants me to be the daughter He called me to be. Not perfect in any way or people pleasing but He called me to serve and not be drained out by others. I take a stand in my life to say No to your ideas and what you think I should be doing and I am saying YES TO WHAT GOD HAS CALLED ME TO DO!!! God didn’t give me the spirit of fear or the spirit of control. You have to be willing to stand up for what God said even if it means losing people in the process… It is ok!!! Be yourself and not a counterfeit!!! God never created two of the same person He created one me and one you!!!!

Never settle for the manmade ideas and the counterfeit that people brings. The bible teaches us to go the extra mile when out brothers ask us to go one but He have never said don’t use wisdom or get used by people. We are called to encourage and push one another by when God isn’t being glorified in the decisions that we make we have to really question whether or not this is worth going the extra mile. I am not talking serving your brother like babysitting so that the couple can go on a date night, serving in the church, serving in your community, etc. That’s not what I am referring to it is the goal opposite of what I listed. You have to know when to say no and sometimes our yes teaches us a lot of things in the process. Is what you are saying yes bringing glory to God and/or changing lives around you? You have to take those things into consideration.

Yes freedom is amazing not every advice is a Godly advice. You have to know the difference. Be free from people and watch what God will do in your life.

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