There is a light at the end of the tunnel

I was sitting their waiting for my name to be called while my daughter snooze away. A lady walked by and she is so, “cute” “thank you” I replied. She sat at about two seats in front of me she looks at me and then glaze at the seat next to me. A few minutes later she sat two seats apart next to me. I never knew that about 20 minutes later she would be sharing her life journey with me. There was a mother of two girls in their teens who began to speak to us. She is about 30 weeks pregnant, have about 6 miscarriages, her and her husband was hoping for a boy. They were so excited that they were pregnant that they forget about even wanting a boy anymore. As she shares her story the lady next to me begins to speak about how she have had about 4 miscarriages been on so many IVF and because she her husband was not able to have children their relationship they gotten a divorce.
I sat their and listen and learn from what both mom has gone through, how they have similar stories yet the outcome was so different, and the end result was that they were both having a girl. The lady left with the two little girls and it was me and the other lady continue the conversation.
She was a lot more open about how she ended up getting pregnant. This is what she said, “after my husband and I gotten a divorce. I was in a relationship with someone else we got pregnant but we lost the baby and he was so devastated that he didn’t really want to continue the relationship so I said ok whatever.” when you are so used to people leaving it becomes nothing yes there is a lot of pain and hurt that is covered but the idea that we have in our head is they will always leave me. She grew up in a single parent home (raised by her mom). She never mention her dad at all during our conversation and I never ask her because I want to listen to what she have to say without coming off as judgmental or opinionated.
She continues, ” after I lost my baby I was devastated so my friend invited me to go out and said why not because it was her birthday. I got really junk and then ended up having a one night stand. MY friend works in the ER she told me that I was pregnant. How I just had a miscarriage. my body probably saw the miscarriage as a period” I am sitting there listening not of the words to say other than God is good and your baby is a gift. I cannot relate to her story in any way whatsoever but I can relate to the pain that she was feeling. It was like I know what she been through but there was an everlasting joy. As the conversation is coming to a close I ask about the baby’s father. The guy is overseas at work but her friends and people close to her has been telling to take him to court for child support. She knew that taking him to court isn’t something that wants because it will make it harder for him to have relationship with his daughter.
in that moment I knew what kind of person she is and how she handle her situations. I am not in any way saying that she is this perfect human being but you can see the joy that she have. She is preparing herself to raise a beautiful daughter that she will put in many sports. She is already painting the baby room. preparing the dog and cat for the new arrival, and buying lots and lots of baby clothes. Not every parent can tell their story and still have a joy that this mom have. She have been through a divorce, have so many miscarriages, men that walks out on her when she needed them the most, and a baby on the way that she is looking forward to raise and teach many things.
I do not know the rest of her story but she is strong and I know that God is with her even in those moments. Even the guys that went that she was with they will find healing.

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